Salary received by resident & ordinarily resident

Parthraj Parmar (B.Com ARTICLE CA FINAL )   (63 Points)

30 July 2014  

Hi Friends,

One of my friend has received income from USA as well as India during PY 13 - 14 for 9 months he was in india and 3 months he was in USA. Employer has deducted tax in India as well as USA. I have form 16 of USA as well as India for filling his ITR.

Please guide me how and where should I show USA Salary Income and Taxes paid on it.I am filling ITR-2 For Him.Which Schedules has to be filled up? Indian Salary Income are filled up.

And at what exchange rate should I convert the amount of USA Form 16 to fill in the ITR.


Awaiting for reply...