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  Member Since : 04 September 2010  (Kolkata)

Well I am a Self Motivate Chartered Accountant Student.  

I strongly feel that a Good Professional should be Accountable. Right from My Training days I have been taught to Concider this CA profession no less than the profession of a Doctor.

I Feel this profession from the core of my heart and continiously work towards Learning new Developments and Practices in this field of Profession.

A CA is "Financial Health Ka Doctor".  

A Right advice, Right conduct and professional attitude will always make you earn clients and similarly your one wrong advice is enough to bring down the faith of your clients in you and this noble profession.

The work of a CA is much beyond Filing Returns, or Filing MCA forms or tallying  Balance Sheet.

Friends I may not be available Online on CaClubindia everytime and by the time when I am Online, I may not be able to Anwer all the Quesries

So apart from placing your Queries online at the forum, Mail them to me so that I can Answer them from my end as well.

Wish you all a prosperous future ahead.

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