Rules of forum in ca club india-please dont voilate

sivaram (Asst Mgr-Taxation) (6918 Points)

15 December 2011  

Dear All,


Forum is one of the important Features of CA Club where Members Post Queries and related replies given 

Humble Request from Learned People is this

1.Dont post Unrelated Post in between there is no report abuse Buttopn on reply .I think Admin has to take care of this so that the Live Discussion of Forum is not hampered

2.Once I have given the link of a person who spams and advertises some nonsense,His name he made as some alphabets and he often changes and spam in between which spoils the Whole Forum

Request Admin to Give report abuse button on every reply to the forum so that unncessary spams in between the Forum is curtailed

If You like this post please pass on the message to Admin Accordingly as this site is  reaching new heights in terms of professionalism &Knowledge 

Thanks in advance