Rubber stamps for member in practice

yashsr (CA) (2285 Points)

01 November 2011  


Wanted to know which rubber stamps are required to be made and in which shape?

1) Membership no. Stamp: I've normally seen this as a round stamp but I believe it can be of rectange shape also? Correct?  Also, it should just contain 'CA FIRSTNAME LAST NAME', the member ship no. and the city. Is this correct?

2) Address Stamp: This should contain the name of the firm and the address in rectangular shape, correct?

3) 'For' Proprietor/Partner Stamp: This should contain 'For XYZ Chartered Accountants' and the name of the proprietor/partner below. In rectangular shape.

4) Round stamp with name of the firm: Can this be rectangular or does it have to be round only?