Response to confirm/Revise claim of refund

Ritesh Bhat (Marketing) (95 Points)

13 August 2022  


I have received this notice.

Your income-tax return has been identified under risk management process of the Income-Tax Department. In this context, your confirmation is required on the following claim(s)/deduction(s)/omissions in the return.

Reason: It is seen that you have revised your return of reduced gross total income. Verify correctness in your claim in respect of reduced gross total income in your return of income.

This is unfortunate. I am jobless and my income is dependent on FD rates and other investments and some gains from share market. This year its less than last year.

I have not revised any return. It's the only original submission for AY22-23 and it's correct. I will respond as 

claims in my return of income are correct


Does anyone knows what happens hereafter? Should I forget my refund for an indefinite time now?