Request to ICAI president Mr. Amarjit Sir

Gautam (article) (205 Points)

26 March 2010  
Respected sir,
                      The students has to face many hardships due to restiction on articleship transfer. We give suggestion to you restiction on transfer is not way to ban on dummy on articleship. The dummy will be continued whether the restiction on transfer is there or not ??? Due to mistake of some dummy article you can not punish the whole community. This is the situation like Bin laden has attacked on World trade centre and the whole Afdhanistan country suffered for the same. Due to such type of restiction the value of professional cource is coming down. We suggest you to emplement e-diary to remove the dummy articleship. This is the proper way.
                                         We have trust you that you are student friendly and you will do proper in the same matter.
Hoping yor favourable action.
All india CA students