Reporting of foreign shares and dividend in itr2

Hi Expers,

Can anyone please clarify on following. I am an Indian resident. I hold some RSU and ESPP from US-based company shares(through my employer) and have dividend income from these shares

1) In Which section should I disclose these shares and dividend in Schedule FA. Should I do under Table B - Financial interest in any entity outside India or Table D - Any other capital assets outside India

2) For dividend income, I am doing in OS and FSI and TR besides this in schedule FA where I should mention it. Under B or G (Table G – Any other income derived from any foreign source (which is not reported in tables A1 to F))

3) which period I need to take to report dividend income/ RSU disclose / CG because of shares sell? as per their calendar year Jan - Dec or our financial year April to March 





Any Update on this ?



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