our political-structure has stooped to the lowest low. the entire structure is to be held responsible for this, i.e., the growth of regional parties like sp, bsp, rjd, left, tdp, etc., in last decade or so, has proved as the biggest blow. in order to boost their vote-banks, they have not only divided the unity of the nation into regional loyalties (more recently, in case of raj thackrey's mns) but have also started shielding n promoting the cause of our enemies (especially lalu prasad, ram vilas paswan, mulayam singh).

we need to seriously assess the building-up scenario... the only solution being our ascent to a bi-party structure, as is present in america (in the form of republican n democrat). further, china being a dictatorship, is the nation that has been so successful in the recent years n continues to race ahead... coz there , a good decision or project cannot be opposed on any stupid grounds n the verdict of the govt is final... case-in-point --- the 3-gorges dam which required the displacement of lacs of people was carried out smoothly without a flutter coz it was good for the ecomony, whereas here, even the widening of a road gets stuck-up in the court...

unless n untill we take a drastic step to transform our multi-party democracy system, which is always run by a coalition govt, we cannot dream to have a civilzed society which can become a super-power.


good point


Very rightly said dear...

U got revolutionery thoughts. May our senior politicians develop this kind of aggression & love for the country. Right now we r the biggest democracy but it seems that DEMOCRACY is only on paper. Indian citizan is so helpless that he/she has to accept anybody as PM eventhough candidate don't suit the position.

People of our country are also equally responsible for this. They vote or promote leaders on the basis of caste, creed etc. We need aggressive leaders like Sardar Patel today.

We INDIANS do hv courage to lead the world with our intelligence & power but we r lead by COWARDS who do not hv that much courage to hang a person who hv attacked MUMBAI & caught red handed by some policeman. Our judiciary is so blind that it still needs proofs & evidences about the attacker that from which country it belongs, what is his age, why he has done that, who are the people with him etc... Is it really needed? what INDIA as a country run by Govt. wants to prove to the world that see our judiciary, we beleive in Justice, human rights.

But by doing this it seems that INDIA represented by Govt. is thinking of justice for small section of people only not for public at large. Human rights only for attackers not for the victims? Whether courts hv rasied the question of age of that of victims?

We the people of the INDIA the biggest DEMOCRACY are feeling like slaves. Slaves of smaller section of people who are called POLITICIANS. They play with us as per their whims nd fancies. they are taking public for granted. This is really a MOCKERY of DEMOCRACY.

Do u think this can be changed anyway? I m hopeless...............




yes you are right. India required a leader not parties


very well written...very thoughtful...


ur the next varun gandhi...cheers!



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