Refund Failure for Deceased

pratik poddar (11 Points)

22 September 2023  

Legal Heir (Pan - BCKPP0336F)

Deceased (Pan - AFUPP4062L)


I have applied myself as a Legal Heir in IT Portal and that got approved and Pre-Validated my Bank A/C as a Legal Heir for Refund 

I have filed my Father's (Deceased) ITR for A.Y 2023 - 24 as a Legal Heir and the ITR also got processed with Refund Due.

But the Refund failed. I have raised "Refund Reissue" request several times but everytime it got failed stating reason "PAN NOT LINKED TO THE ACCOUNT". How can a deceased PAN link to the Account as because the Deceased Bank A/C are closed.

But on 21st September 2023, I again raised a Refund Re-issue Request and the status is showing "APPROVED"  in IT Portal. But again a mail came to me that Refund got FAILED due to PAN not Linked to the Account , but in IT Portal it's still showing Refund Request Approved and Create Refund Re-issue is also not available now. What will I do now?


I have attached the screenshot for your Reference.