CA Sanat Pyne (F.C.A. & M.COM) (19992 Points)

27 December 2010  


Computer do The work very fast but create bug/error very fast too.Some time we want to create a shortcut for a file and clicks "delete button'but that Bill Gates ,there is recycle bin in windows, from where we can easily restore file deleted by accident. The same Thing can now be done in Tally also ,Yes you an retrieve your voucher deleted by accident any time .

FEATURES(Recycle bin)

  • Recycle bin is a FREE add-on utility for Tally Software.
  • Recycle bin allows you to retrieve records that you may have accidentally deleted in Tally Accounting Software.
  • It is similar to Windows Recycle-bin which allows you to recover the deleted files.
  • Recycle bin works with Tally ERP 9, Tally 9 and Tally 7.2.

How to install and use it ?
To use the Recycle bin utility, you need to make certain changes in your Tally.ini file which are given Underneath.

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  •  Download the Recycle bin for Tally TCP files (zip)
  • Copy the file according to your Tally version. i.e.
    • If you are using Tally ERP 9, then copy rbin9-erp.tcp into the Tally folder or;
    • If you are using Tally 9, then copy rbin9v.tcp into the Tally folder or;
    • If you are using Tally 7.2, then copy rbin.tcp into your Tally folder
  • Open Tally.ini(configuration file) file and make the changes as shown below :-


For Tally ERP 9 users
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9-erp.tcp( address where you have placed this file)

For Tally 9 users
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9v.tcp( address where you have placed this file)

For Tally 7.2 users
User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin.tcp( address where you have placed this file)
Save the file and start Tally. You would see extra option of Recycle Bin.(shown in the picture )

After this, when you delete any voucher in Tally; it is still available in the Recycle bin and you can restore it back; if required.or you can delete the same from recycle bin also by using Alt+D from the recycle bin also.

How It is Done
Change the default functionality for the key Alt+D which is used to delete Vouchers. Instead of deleting the Voucher, we now do the following :-

a) Mark the Voucher as Optional.
b) Set the UDF-field 'fldDeleted' to Yes.

This takes care of the following:-
* Marking the Voucher as Optional ensures that the Voucher is not reflected in any books of Accounts.
* The UDF-field 'fldDeleted' is used in the reports (Daybook; Ledger Voucher) to filter out records where the field
'fldDeleted' is set to No.
* The same UDF-field 'fldDeleted' is used in the report 'Rpt Deleted Vouchers' as shown in Step-1. This report displays only those
records where the UDF-field 'fldDeleted' is set as Yes.

That's All.

How To Un Install this Utility
I hope that no body wants to uninstall such a good utility but any how if you want to uninstall it then you should do follow steps.

  1. delete all the vouchers from recycle bin one by one by using Alt+D .(if there is no voucher in recycle bin then go to step 2)
  2. Delete the file copied in tally folder at the time of installation of the programme as suggest above.
  3. alter ini(configuration) file again and delete the line added at the time of install.

The utility is created by Shewta Software and Free for use.