Recipe for Thinking Positively.....

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10 July 2010  


People with positive attitude are generally luckier in life, land better jobs and are happier. Furthermore studies show that individuals who think positively are healthier and live longer. The times are tough and everyone has problems, but it is never late to start thinking positively. Here are easy tips to get going:

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Step 1
Smile more and stop complaining! It might be hard at the beginning but it will get easier. Your smile will be a facilitator between you and many nice people who will be just like you - smart, enthusiastic and positive. Often people are complaining that there are not reasons to smile. Not necessary true. How about beauty of life, having a family or beautiful children!
Step 2
Don't oversleep. It might sounds out of order but it is not. People who oversleep are more likely to have depression. This not necessarily means that everyone who oversleeps has a problem. You just make sure that your sleep is between 7 and 9 hours. Oversleeping will make you miss a lot of life - like brisk morning jog or reading the morning paper on your back porch. And your newly positive nature doesn't want to miss anything from the joys of life!
Step 3
Change the way you talk. That is very critical to your success but doesn't require more than simple repetition. Instead of I'll fail, I don't know or that's impossible use words like I can do it, I can learn or why not - only the sky is the limit! The newly positive attitude will help you at work too - if you manager ask you - the person with "I can attitude" and a person who used to be like you - unsure and unwilling, who do you think is going to land a promotion faster?
Step 4
Stop digging into your past and blame yourself for old mistakes. Admit it - there is not much you can do about the past. You will only heart yourself and make yourself depressed. You might not be very desirable company either. Try to think positively and make yourself aware that you are in control of your present and your future - how amazing is that?
Step 5
Think of the lessons you learnt. Every time you go thru hard time or some sad situation, outline all the lessons you learnt and ask yourself would you learn that if you didn't overcome that obstacle. For example, getting broke and starting all over is not the end of the world - it leads to many positive things like learning to manage better your money or knowing who your real friends are!