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fakhre jabeen bohra (article) (98 Points)

03 October 2009  

i'm really disappointed with what exam committee has decided upon.

they simply cannot find reasons to harras people with their notifications. atpresent they ended up with a nice announcement about making all the questions in the paper compulsary. that too just before 1 month of exams. aht do they want from students. i think now their will be more number of depressing CA students because its really over the head.after their 3 yrs old articleship which is of no use to 70 % people as they keep searching for food companies ...neither they have any criteria on which stud can select a company nor they have any norms of he course which reamains stable for a period of time.

such a long course with so much of pressure, what do they expect out of students. they should atleast make an attempt if not understand that not all are genius people there are about 85% students who have average background.

well i do not know what else to write. i want few support, so that atleast someone should try to listen to what students go through.