reason for such a low stipend.

Manmohan ACA, CS (Chartered Accountant ) (14243 Points)

24 August 2009  


As we all know that article stipend is very low,
The stipend is such a a meager it does not even cover our conveyance from office to home and home to office . But ICAI has till now neither set up a committee nor done any thing  . they not even want to think on this issue
What they did is to  increase fee and and  make  stringent rules
Let us think the reason for such a low stipend.

Reason 1                 
Since supply of article  is high – low stipend is  paid to them , as if one  article will go  the principal still have 5-6 in their hand.
Reason 2                 
Easy enrty and no exit  As per  ICAI rule a article can not take transfer (except in extreme case), so they are helpless and employer can exploite him/her.
Reason 3                 
Those who are rich can take dummy by paying handsome amount , all other are not rich and ICAI think  Rs. 1000-1250- 1500 is enough for them.
Reason 4                 
If a peon does not come to office, the staff will face problem but if  article does not come to office  - no ones matter as are still  three  or four to take his(peons) place. so one peon or low paid staff is equal to four article (in terms of salary paid )
Reason 5                 
Employer think thay have showed gracious kindness (ahasaan ) by providing articeship to a CA student,
Reason 6                 
And the last reason is ICAI is a regulated by members i.e.qualified CAs who hardly think about well being and benefit of of students.

Please give your view on this issue and add more reason ……………………
All CA student members are requested to join the following  committee, so  that we all in updated specially rearding ICAI and student related matters.