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sivaram (Asst Mgr-Taxation) (6918 Points)

12 January 2012  

Really Bad, 

We should Not only, 
think about it, 
but also protest
Proud to be an Indian
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India won kabadi world cup (women) by defeating Canada afew weeks ago.

No media has telecast  this news on News channels. 

Hours after they won the World Cup with a thumping victory over England, Indian women Kabaddi players were seen on the streets waiting for auto rickshaw to reach home. The players who made the country proud on Sunday were badly treated by their team management. The players were not provided conveyance to reach their home. Moreover, the game officials didn’t even pay the hotel bills on time, leading to the embarrassment of the players. While checking out, the players were stopped by the hotel staff for non payment of their food bills.

This is the plight of Sports other than cricket in India.
If this is the kind of treatment and attitude we show towards other sports, how can we ever think of getting a GOLD medal in olympics????
Think about it.