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Chartered Accountants

Hello Friends,

Please suggest me to study SA which i feel vary difficult to study. If you have any idea regarding any book please reply which book is shuld study for the SA. I have Surbhi bansal, Padukas and Study Material. Your suggession shall be very halpful for me.







The best way to study SAs is to start from the basics. Also while studying we should try to first classify the topic and than go for comparative analysis with similar topics. It will not only increase the understanding but also it will be able to connect some SAs with others which will further increase our holistic view of diffrent topics. Foe example SA 200,210 and 230 shuold be read together. Some other SAs that can be read together are SA 260-265. hence first try to get the holistic understanding of the topic, classify the same and segregate topics that are of similar nature and those that can be considered for comparision.                

Don't get panick by the numbers of SAs because after reading 13-18 SAs you'll see that same topics are being covered that you have studied earlier. BEST OF LUCK.



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