Planning to Join for CPA?

Ashish Toms (CA Final) (206 Points)

26 May 2011  

Hey guys & gals,

I don't know if it is just me but it seems there is lot of confusion going around with regards to CPA from US. I am CA student who is in the last 2 month of articleship and still not been able to clear PCC. Cleared my first group in the first chance but CFM has been a pain with no gain. It might have been due to over confidence at the beginning with regards to costing that I didn't go for any coaching (Costing was my fav. sub in Degree). But at the end inspite of 5 trials I have been unable to clear PCC. My morale is down the drains and what I hope for is a change. Don't want to abandon CA after spending 4 years for it. So was just pondering over my other options and first one that came to my mind is CPA. Will never say that CPA is easier than CA or is of more value. But what attracts me is that it will help me take my mind off from the current defeats without shifting me away from the final goal I have set. After thinking of CPA, I turned to my most trusted source of information, the internet. Though, it is filled with information, my confusion just increased. Got to tell you though, that the best source of information for me have been and I searched for the CPA coaching centers in Kerala and it was shocking to find that the search only returned Logic, while New horizons was a paid ad. I never trusted paid ads and that might be the reason why I didnt give a second look. Logic office was actually not so keen on CPA but rather on CMA which made me lose faith in them. It was through CCI that I actually heard about New Horizons and was able to locate the Kochi office.

I scheduled a meeting with the New Horizon Kochi office and I was informed that the total cost for the whole course (Including material from Becker, coaching, visa, ticket, stay and other expenses) comes upto Rs. 2.10 Lakhs. Which though in no way is low but may be justifiable. The office informed me that they provide $ 200 discount if I register before 10th June, 2011 which is the batch for the Dec, 2011 testing window. They say that the faculty are all CPA qualified and are having the license to practice. When I asked them about my eligibility to appear for the CPA exam, she said that no university from Kerala qualifies for the 120-150 hours credit hours in Accounting for B. Com and hence they make us write an exam to get the needed eligibility. Also she claims that the starting salary for a fresh CPA in India is in the range of 65K/pm which I find more that that of many CA's which makes me wonder if I am being duped. Also the work experience criteria can be met by working in India under the supervision of a licensed CPA. The assurance I got from them was that they provide free coaching even if the a student fails based on his merits and his desire to crack the CPA, which I felt was justifiable though unquantifiable.

As I said earlier, CPA is not in place of CA but rather just a change and in its own way bring money and confidence which I seriously lack right now. So earnings of CPA, the difficulty of the course, the confusions, the obstacles are a cause of a problem. I don't have many to turn to for advice and it is with this reason that I write this post where you might not find anything new, but rather just the details of my experience. I don't know much about the Becker Course (which I read in a review is boring) or for that matter any other course.  I hope I will be enlightened by all those who care to comment.

Thanks in advance and regards,