Pf withdrawal

CA Rajdeepsinh Kanchava (Senior accountant at KPO)   (736 Points)

14 October 2017  

Hello to all


I have a query regarding pf. I joined one company in June 15 nd resigned the same in Feb 17...

The said company was register under pf act and hence I also opted for pf deduction... 


But I had to resign the said company from 1st match 17 and I rejoined THE SAME company in June 17..

Now on rejoining, the company created another pf qccount of mine so I have two of accounts each having different UAN account number.


Now, I again resigned this company from 5th October 17.


So now the situation is like I have two of accounts and I am not employed anywhere... 

What is the procedure that I should follow to withdraw funds from both the accounts????