No words.............

S.ASWATH (Manager) (704 Points)

30 August 2013  

    First time I am posting this type of forum I really felt bad for this

May'13 is my 6th attempt for 2nd group(on which I given last 3 attempt only 2nd group)

I thought it is easy to clear 2nd group and because when I am giving for my 1st group I may not spend much time but I used get more than 50 marks easily on auditing & Accounts but on my last 3 attempts I don't know I am not even getting 50 in any of the subjects and also I am not able to guess what is my mistake 

Because of this I am not able to concentrate on my final studies also and i feel it is disturbing my articleship


I usually give advice to others easily but now I don't no how resolve this I applied for reverification 1 or 2 days before only I think it is started to show IPC result immediately now the status showing no descripancy found


Hmmm I am really confusing........