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My Mom told me this Story !!!

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Dear elder brother,

Your story of the king with a strong faith in God was quite inspiring. Let me tell you another story of a king,  which teaches us to maintain equanimity in all situations.

Once upon a time, a king was cutting a sugarcane stick with a knife. While cutting the stick, his fingers got badly severed so that blood started oozing out. On this, his diwan commented, " Whatever God does, does for good." On hearng this, the King angrily  said to the diwan, "What good will I beget  by severing my fingers?", "Get out my Kingdom and never show your face again." The diwan left the court before telling to the king that "Even my removal might be the will of God and whatever He does is for our betterment."

After a few days of this incident, the king went for hunting in the forest. While he was busy hunting, few Bhils (forest dwelling tribals) captured him and tied him up for sacrificing him to their deity. While they were busy bathing him before the sacrifice, they noticed that his fingers were badly severed. Seeing this,they talked among themselves that "Only a human being who is perfect in bodily features be offered to the deity, so let us abandon this person." Heaving a sigh of relief, the king returned to his kingdom. Sleeping on his bed, the words of his diwan ringed in his mind  " Whatever God does, does for good." The next morning, he ordered his servants to send the diwan back to the court.

The king gave diwan a warm reception. He related to the diwan, as to what happened the previous day. He later asked the  diwan, "But what good did you beget when I dismissed you ?"  The diwan replied wittily, "If you had not dismissed me then, being a diwan, I would have gone hunting with you in the forest. Since your fingers were badly severed, the Bhils would have allowed you to go,  but leaving me for the sacrifice." "Thus, I got saved because of my dismissal by you..."

Hearing these words of wisdom of his diwan, the king rewarded him generously.

When I am faced by harsh dualities of life, I always remember this story. It immediately energises me. Similarly, it can energise everyone else...

Warm Regards,

Veeral Gandhi


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Learner (Article Trainee) (145 Points)
Replied 25 July 2012

Really worth liking... hats off... :)

nishant (Digital Signature Franchisee owner)   (27 Points)
Replied 07 August 2012

You know wat bro wats the best part of moral you wrote is that " tere andar ka bhagwan" !

which means bhagwan humme baste hain

i hope you r getting me

Its always YOU Vs URSELF

Bhaavna (Queen ) (1933 Points)
Replied 08 August 2012

dear ankur ji


it would be very pleasure for me and many members of cci, if you can translate to english, as you are the top most members and so many of us would show interest in reading your posts. 


thank you

Bhaavna (Queen ) (1933 Points)
Replied 08 August 2012

 Very inspiring, thank you ankur


special thanks to sneha for the translation smiley



rishivyas (article assistant) (38 Points)
Replied 20 August 2012

nice story sir g

Imteyaz Ansari (business ) (32 Points)
Replied 10 December 2014

thanks a lots  sir for this story

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