My experience in orientation programme

RAJARSHI (CA-Finalist Entrepreneur )   (574 Points)

23 June 2013  

Hello everyone,I wanna share my experience of the 7 days Orientation programme which i participated in the last december in a centre in Kolkata...

Day 1: The beginning of the day was awesome.Sir asked many students a particular question,"who are you" and no one could give  a satisfactory answer to him .We were also made to  play games. It was not a very eventful day.I was feeling really bored when  sir  was giving lecture on motivation ,attitude etc..sad

Day 2:it was a nice day and  was quite better than the previous day.Sir told us to write an essay on"An incident you want to cherish in your life".later on,he called up a few students on da stage to stand and speak to all the students what they had written.It was actually a day of public speaking.Sir, made us play "chinese whispering" which was damn laugh Sir also showed us some videos ,out of which a few of them were really inspirational.During da last  part of the session,he gave us a few pages notes on communication.

Day 3:The class was taken by a mam and she was quite knowledgeable smiley.She divided all of us into a  number of small groups who were required to give  presentation regarding 'an innovative  business plan' .All da groups came up with  fascinating business plans and presented their thoughts and mam pointed out our flaws both groupwise and individually .Mam had also shared with us important points on communication skills and rules of slides,which i found really helpful.

Day 4:After attending all the sessions of that day, i felt as if i had attended an English class .surprise my was so boring ...we were made to write precis on a given topic and  all the sheets were checked by sir too cheeky .Well,we had some sort of interesting activity too as we were  made to solve a  case study in groups and to present our solution groupwise ..

Day 5:It was a nice day.It was the day when we had our first GD.I didn't have any earlier experience of GD so i was kind of nervous ..Our group consisted of  seven  members.when our group's turn came ,to my surprise I was made the moderator.To my left,was a boy with a fashionable spects and to my right was a girl wearing a glistening nosepin.I asked to my group members if anyone would like to initiate the topic and the girl to my right  chosen to do so.I said my part after she had finished and gave opportunities to other group  members to say something on that topic.Sir pointed out our flaws and  gave us several useful tips ..He shared with us tips on communication skills,office etiquettes,etc with us too..

Day 6:The topic for the day was'money market and capital market' Sir delivered lecture to us on that topic which was basically technical in nature.We had our second GD on that day too.My group was given a topic called"India as an emerging market ".Everyone contributed in that activity and we were evaluated by sir quite well.

Day 7:Ahhh!!! the last day of our Orientation .I felt that it was the best day .Sir discussed many current and past business issues with us .He  shared with us a format of CV and also names of some good firmsin Kolkata for articleship.These infos were very important for any CA student...Finally,the  last session got over and we recieved our certificates  along with food packets...

To conclude I would like to say that it was a fantastic Orientation programme i attended.It  helped to change my mindset to a good extent..smiley