Mock Test Papers for CA Students - (13-10-2009)

CA Ruben Balooni (Professionalism ™) (1324 Points)

15 October 2009  


October 12, 2009
In order to enable the students to have practice in working out practical problems and also in answering theoretical questions on various subjects of CA examinations, the Board of Studies has planned to bring out a series of test papers relating to various examinations. Accordingly, the first series of test papers are being put on the website for being practised by the students. The students are free to send their answer for these questions for evaluation to the Director, BOS, A-94/4, Sector-58, Noida-201 301. The papers would be evaluated by the appropriate faculty members. 

The first series of test papers are for the following examinations:
Subsequent series of test papers would be released gradually.


Director, Board of Studies



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