Mismatch in GST of 2018-19

ABHISHEK GARG (Chartered Accountant) (508 Points)

02 August 2020  

Dear Esteemed Members,

I need an urgent help on the below GST Issue.

X1 has purchased goods from Y in June 2018. Invoice was in X1's GSTIN.

But Y has shown that bill in X2's GSTIN while filing his GSTR 1.

(X1 & X2 are same companies having different GSTIN's of different states)

X1 has claimed input credit on the basis of Invoice and X2 did nothing & ignored the credit given in 2A.

So, now X1 has a shortfall of Input Credit in GSTR2A and X2 has a excess of Input Credit in 2A.

Y is not able to rectify this mistake now as it is time barred.

Now how the company X will deal will this error at present.