Mentioning figures of loss of the past years as bfla of ay 2014 15 in itr3 for ay 2019 20

S S Dahale ( Agri and business) (439 Points)

23 August 2019  

Where can one place figures of loss of the past years as BFLA for AY 2019–2020 in ITR 3- In  case I did mentioned Rs.40120/- as business losses of BFLA of AY2014–15 in CFL,but surprisingly it is  NOT taken into account in TI and TTI section of AY2019–20 for set off calculations , it shows 0 (as if i have not mentioned ) what to do, which column/ to make a set off of BFLA Rs.40120/- against current years business income of Rs. 76000 ( AY2019-20)

so that I can pay taxes on balance Rs.25880/ appropriate it with  advance tax paid  OR Business profit with business  loss - BFLA amount of Rs.40,120  of year AY2014–15.


In the past  though I am showing it ( BFLA of AY2014-15),in ITR -3  every-year,

it is not GETTING ADJUSTED in PROFIT /INCOME of these years,

  my worry is that only couple of years are remaining out of 8 years of adjustment of business losses  ( AY2014-15) as BFLA in CFL in TI-TTI , what to Do to mention in ITR-3  , so that  BFLA  is adjusted  with business profit