memory technique 1


Here is an example of how easy it is to turn numbers into words
using a simple phonetic system. You will learn how to take a number
like 76342 and turn it into words and even a story if you like.

Memorizing 5 numbers is no big deal, but what if it is 50 or
directions or a mathematical equation?

I used the free software from my course and plugged in the above
number.  A list of choices appeared.

Here are the words I chose:

Cow - Chew - Homerun

You can combine this in any way you wanted using the memory
techniques to come up with a story or a picture. Picture a Cow
playing baseball while chewing gum. He swings the bat and hits a
homerun. That picture in your mind will enable you to recall the
sequence and all the numbers. That's how simple it is.