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what is the difference between mba in finance AND mba in financial management? can any one please tell?


finance is concerned with making operating and financial decisions of the company. Financial Management is concerned with the process used in directing and managing resources. For more details, refer to mba in finance.


MBA refers to a masters in business administration, so basically in the first year you will be covering a wide aspects related to business administration. In the second year however, you will be choosing your specialization, say Finance (if you are interested in the finance field). Specializing in Finance will give you a sound understanding for finance and will prepare you to face the corporate world where finance related skills will be necessary depending on the area of your work. But if you want to get into the depth of finance and learn finance in detail, then a CFA will be the best choice for you after an MBA. The depth of knowledge in finance you will garner in CFA is much more than an MBA with a specialization in finance, since CFA includes subjects which are not covered in detail in the curriculum of MBA (finance).

Secondly, CFA provides a global recognition. If you want to get into portfolio management, hedge funds, equity research, insurance and banking institutions, CFA will give you an edge at the time of placements.

Cracking interviews for equity research, investment banking profiles and analyst profiles will require an in-depth knowledge of finance which can only be acquired if you do CFA.

Therefore, MBA is a business administration course which is not restricted to finance only. If you want to specialize in full fledged finance, CFA will be the best professional course for you rather than an MBA.

To get an unbiased and experienced opinion on this topic, watch this video below of Aswini Bajaj who is a trainer, global consultant in delivering lectures on finance and a public speaker.



Finance is related with making operating and finanical decisions of the organisation. Financial Management is related to the process used in controlling and managing the resources. Find the information about etrance exam for admission in the MBA visit @ Aglasem.



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