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Hi Guys I am Ashutosh Iyer my brother has just qualified the JEE Main 2018 Entrance Exam, he is taking coaching for CAT from next year. Now my question is : Can MBA beneficial after Engineering.

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Not much useful, unless any job in marketing or finance field.....

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It is beneficial for an engineering student to pursue an MBA in finance, it is basically to gain knowledge in the finance arena and help his/her career grow. This is possible if they work in a sector that requires both engineering skills as well as financial knowledge.

As an Engineering student, if you want to pursue finance, you should ask yourself these questions :-

  • Why would you like to opt for finance?

  • How much effort is required for you to crack a finance exam even after coming from an engineering background?

  • What work profiles require you to combine the knowledge of both engineering and finance?

However, an MBA in finance would not cover finance in depth, it would only touch on the topics briefly and give you a basic overview of finance. MBA isn’t of immense help if an engineering student is looking to make a full fledged career in finance. To get a deep understanding of finance, one should opt for professional courses like CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) or FRM (Financial Risk Management).

Better Job Opportunities

A major requirement for companies looking to hire an Engineer with a background in Finance is becoming common day by day. Its all about your application and how you can innovate and combine finance with engineering. The most common job prospect you can get after completing both engineering and finance lies in the Fintech Sector. This industry is the fastest growing and evolving sector in most countries, getting a qualification in CFA or FRM can also fetch you entrepreneurial or analyst roles in huge companies.

Therefore, if you are an engineer and want to make it big in finance, it is advisable that you go in for a professional course like CFA or FRM rather than an MBA in finance because the former will cover finance in a more deep and detailed manner which is necessary for you to get hired easily because your future employer will look for someone with a detailed overview of finance that can be combined with your engineering skills.

To get an unbiased and experienced opinion on this topic, watch this video below of Aswini Bajaj who is a trainer, global consultant in delivering lectures on finance and a well renowned public speaker.

MBA after Engineering - ASWINI BAJAJ



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