M in a dillema

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04 January 2012  

Hi, frndz plz help me im in a BIG trouble frown i gav my ipcc exam in nov 201(both groups),it was my 1st attempt. m 4m a very small city & ders only 1 coachin institute in our city where i used 2 go no doubt d person teaches well but he never completes d portion on time, no im not  blamin him but i was totally dependant on him, since i cannot do studies on my own, we got only 1.5 mths time of self study for both d groups,on his advise v somehow  gav both d groups,but my papers wer not at al good im sure i vil not clear.....der r other reasons also due 2 hectic class schedule it took a LOT of time 4 me 2 get adjusted....  admist al dis my health got deteroited...but stil never missed classes & tried my best 2  concentrate on studies but durin self study time(1.5 mths)due 2 pressure & tension again i was unwell...but managed 2 study watever i could.Now i knw m not goin 2 clear,m goin 2 start studyin4 May examz. D QUESTION is should i again join classes or do self study & hw wil i get updated abt changes in d syllabus ??should i buy new books again?  should i giv both d groups or only 1 group????????plz replyyyyy