Life kya hoti h?????......and ye dreams kyu aate h....nd kya

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04 August 2011  

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what iz life?????....What iz Dream?????


Life is not a myth. It’s a reality where many of our dreams come true.... There are some dreams which may not be fulfilled which don’t mean that they are impossible.


It means that the efforts which we make to achieve those dreams are not enough.

 Many of us will disagree to this fact, but, facts are always hard to accept. Many of us will say that “No we made our effort to achieve those dreams but we failed (or) we realized that these can be possible only in dreams and not in reality.” There are some things in life which can be true only in dreams and cannot happen in real life, like say “seeing a dead man alive”.


There is lots of difference between dream and reality as everybody knows. The main difference between dream and reality is, dream is like a cinema where you can grow and achieve your target just in matter of seconds (or) minutes. But in reality in order to achieve our targets we need time, we need patience, we need to endeavor for it.


It’s always easy to say all these things but in reality it’s little tough unless you practice yourself and having a check on your efforts. Success  is not something which will comes like a sudden rain and pours on your way; you need to strive for it.


In this world why we see only few person as a successful person?  This world is very much older but still we see only few thousands (or) lakh’s people as a successful person’s.  Is that mean, that there are only few people in this world who have achieved success?    No it’s not so, there are many other successful person’s in this world who are not recognized... @ @ @ @ @ @ @ .......   Are mujhe b b kam nahi hu in sab se....kya hua aaj mujh se success door h  but i know ek din jhakk marake mere pass aayegi.... ye RANCHOD DAS pata nahi kya kya sikha gaya.....aur kuch nahi to kam se kam DIALOUGE marne to aa hi gaye....      wapis se ab track pe aa jaye....


No it’s not so, there are many other successful person’s in this world who are not recognized... @ @ @ @ @ @ @ .It doesn’t mean that they are unsuccessful person since they are unrecognized.... If we think that name and fame is sign of success then we are wrongSuccess is a word which have a simple meaning “accomplishment”. Those are called as successful persons who accomplish their goals / targets. The word accomplishment itself more of positive, then think that if a person needs to achieve (or) accomplish something how much positive he should be.....


Success is the word, which, each and every man likes and wants to be. But if you want to be a successful person then there are some qualities required. Let us see one bye one



1. AIM (or) TARGET







1. Aim (or) Set Target:


AIM is a word because of which we all live....  In life we should have an aim (or) a set purpose. A person who has intention to achieve success should have AIM first... A Person without AIM a person is considered as “Dead man”...( i n my opinion).... The word AIM is explained as follows

A means aggressive

I for information base

M for managing yourself.


Each of us in life should have a Purpose. Everybody have some purpose in their life.

Many people take Life as it comes. They have a fear of failure, that, if they set some target they may fail. So they think let us take life as it comes. Its might be a good thing that those people are taking life as it comes and enjoys. But if they think that they want to be successful person then, they should come out of the “fear of failure”.


The worst thing in life is “FEAR”. Swami Vivekananda said “Fear is Death and Courage is Life”. Fear of failure will definitely lead to failure and definitely not to success.


The Successful people achieved success because they overcame the fear whenever it arises. They had a positive approach in each and everything what they have done.

So DARNA nahi h ICAI se....EK din ye b apne aage jhuk jayegi:P....but efforts to karne hoge na....





The Most important Part of life is Decision Making. Most of the successful people are success of their own decision making.... Lots of People have a problem of decision makingDecision making is a part of life; one should know how to take decision, that to correct decision and also quicker one when it’s needed.  


I mean to say that most people take their decision late (or) very late. The most important character of a successful person is taking his own decision by himself.



In today’s world people make hasty decision quickly and take important decision’s late / very late. Sometimes some people don’t make their decision. They will discuss their problems with their families and friends in order to make the decision. They go by the decisions made by their parents (or) friends.



I don’t say it’s wrong to discuss your problem with your families and friends; let them give their suggestion to your problems but the final Decision should be always yours. Sometimes in life it’s hard to make a decision, but, you have to make those decisions. Those decisions are important, sometimes, those are the roads which will lead you to success.







Perseverance means determination....  Perseverance consists of positive thinking.  

Perseverance is most important for a person who needs to achieve success. A person who wants to achieve success should have a strong determination. The person who is aiming at success should have perseverance towards his goals. His perseverance itself will lead him to achieve his goals and make him success. A successful person is who is more determined towards his goals without any distractions.


If you want to be a successful person then you should have a strong determination towards your goal.




“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet –  This is the old and famous proverb.... A person who wants to achieve success should have patience. Patience is one of the most important characters of a successful Person. All successful people had patience. Abraham Lincoln was successful only at the age of 54, Thomas Alva Edison was a successful inventor only after 1000 attempts before he invented bulb, Likewise many successful had patience to achieve success in life.


Remember “Rome was not Built in a Day” likewise success cannot be achieved in a day (or) week time.


Aise hi dosto CA b ek din me nahi ban jaoge.....din raat ek karna hoga...


It can be achieved only through patience. Patience is the most important character if one has to achieve success in his life. Of course patience alone will not lead you to success, but, patience with hard work and determination will definitely lead you to achieve success.





As a said earlier “Success will never pour down like a rain; one has to strive for it”....  If you want to achieve success in life then you need to work hard.... Hard work is the only thing which leads you to achieve success. People who need success have to work hard to achieve their target... Aim alone cannot lead you to achieve your target, but, you have to work hard to achieve it.


There is a saying that “Hard work pays” which means you will get the reward for the hard work. There is a very old proverb that “There is no substitute for hard work”. A person can achieve success only through his hard work.





The Most important thing in life is to have a Purpose. All our life have a certain value and one should know about it. If we want to achieve success we need to work hard with strong determination, we should have patience and we should make decision on ourselves. March towards your goal with a determination; success is yours. A great learned man said that the main purpose of life is life itself. Life is not a myth, it’s a reality in which one has to walk and pass through all the odds. Patience, Perseverance and Hard work are most important to achieve success in life.







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