Itr processing delays

vinayak (accounts executive) (125 Points)

09 June 2014  

I filed 2013-2014 ITR on 27th of March 2014 just 4 days before Deadline (31st March 2014). The ITRV was recieved by CPC on 31st March. (The Income tax website says so).

Now, Its more than 2 months 10 days. The Income tax website still shows ITR V recieved.

What is the time that it usually takes for ITR to be processed (is this usual time?).

I called up Income tax helpline - The person who took my call told me that for some reason,

it has taken long time and it will be processed soon.

Does this mean that this ITR is not processed at CPC and is sent to IT Officer of my city and hence the delay?


Any advice on this please.