Is my Preparation Correct

Krithika (CA) (94 Points)

05 November 2008  

Dear All,

I am going to give my PCC in May 2009. I have some issues:

1). While working out problems in Accounts & Costing & FM, I get struck up in the middle.. Until I see some model questions worked out, I am not able to solve it on my own... How can I gain control over the problem part...??

2). In case of theory papers, I read it once and make some notes.. But I find it diificult to recollect and I am not able to answer the questions directly unless I revise it once or so... Is my approach correct.. How can i tackle this??

3). In case of Infotech Paper, how to approach a question... When I study , I am able to understand only some part... Not everything.. Is it enough, if I concentrate only on the Past Exam Questions  to clear the exam?. I am totally confused

Please help me!!!