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is it wise to do a dummy articleship??

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Late CA Sampat Jain (Chartered Accountant) (4772 Points)
Replied 25 February 2008

It is self defeating exercise ............In CA you learn by working .........you miss the great opportunity of learning by doing dummy . A DUMMY STUDENT WILL NEVER BE IN A POSITION TO GO FOR PRACTICE .........IN SERVICE ALSO HE WILL FAIL TO SOLVE PRACTICAL PROBLEMS..........

Kaustuv (Practicing CA) (1773 Points)
Replied 25 February 2008

no Lipi.. its not wise to go for dummy at all.. not at all..

adnan (Article) (241 Points)
Replied 25 February 2008

GO FOR DUMMAY dont waste ur valuable time in doing articlship

Kaustuv (Practicing CA) (1773 Points)
Replied 25 February 2008

hey adnan, why do you think one will waste his/her time by going in for articleship ?

N.Gopinadh (CA STUDENT) (97 Points)
Replied 26 February 2008

Articleship is a golden opportunity Mr. Adnan

N.Gopinadh (CA STUDENT) (97 Points)
Replied 26 February 2008

Thank U sir.
I`m very much interested in knowing things new.

And sure , I`ll
follow U`r words.....
Also plz give me details of the 3MONTHS COURSE ,& where it is available
ThanQ Sir...........

lipi (ca inter) (33 Points)
Replied 26 February 2008

thnk al for guiding me n giving valuable advise.....

i will surely consider it........

thnk u again all of u.....

RITESH KHANDELWAL (Corporate Taxation) (168 Points)
Replied 27 February 2008

Lipi..........its not over.....listen carefully... Take my words with utmost seriousness......If in any ways u tend to get urself registered with ne Renowned CA frms....Yes I mean Renowned nt necessarily " GOOD CA FiRMS" then u shud do articleship otherwise take dummy and get trained at ne CA Firm till the time u feel u r learning something valuable ...this implies u r nt in any boundation.......Blv me its my own xprnc........

You know Adolf Hitler once said "People who have accomplished something in life, no matter how small it is they always have a bloated image of thier accomplishments" ... not a big fan of hitler but this should make you think ...

sir please lat me know of tht course i'm also going through almost same prob and i think any such course will help CPT pass outs alot.as like other PE2 students we are not having any such theoritical knowledge too.I'll be thankful if you help me in this.

neha sodhani (student) (934 Points)
Replied 01 March 2008

do not...
it wont be beneficial..to take dummy....
do artcshp..

u can gain practical knowledge after getting ur qualification also n its a lifelong learning it wont stop after getting qualification. but u cant change ur marks/rank after getting qualified. when u attend any interview its rank/marks that matter most. (articles in big 4 may be of some advantage but not in any other firms) dnt be in day dreams that u r learning very great things by ticking all the day. be practical

Hi Lipi.., I Strongly believe that A'ship surely enhances ur knowledge base n thts y u shld take it seriously. But.....thr is no point in getting ur self exhausted in it or doing it on the cost of Studies. CRUX is: Strike a Balance between Studies n A'ship depending upon ur Abilities n Strenghths., which only 'U' can decide upon.

pRaSoOn (Articled assistant) (500 Points)
Replied 06 March 2008

Yaar it's a subjective issue...waise i agree to what sri and sunil has said...i literally read all the suggestions...


I m PCC student & have done articleship for 1 year at a firm located at santacruz (E).I have gained experience in the field of Internal,Statutory,Bank & Tax Audit.  I also have experience of Income Tax Returns of Individual,HUF, Partnership Firms & Companies with E-filing of Returns. I also have accounting knowledge for companies.

I would now like to change my current firm & would like to join a medium sized firm in Mumbai providing good carrer opportunities & also helping me in my classes time.


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