Is it possible?

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03 April 2015  
Please dont consider this a Stupid Question. I'm here to find out if its possible or not? I have given 2nd group of CA Final in Nov'14. After giving the exams, instead of getting back to books, I was busy with something else. Call it an excuse or any. But I dint touch any books. During that N'14 attempt, I had prepared for around 75% in each of the subjects of 2nd group. Given the above background, I had started studying the same Group2 from Mar 30th. In these 5 days, 4 days went really good. While studying, out of nowhere one of my junior who was sitting next to time, suddenly said, "anna, anyways you wont pass this time. Please Dnt feel bad, I just think you wont". Ghosh!! I seriously didnt know how to react. Im a F'in 28 yr old, amd hez around 25. Should I consider really old for giving this exam? I was for a second devastated. I just replied back saying OK to him, and started feeling really bad for myself inside. Not that my ego is hurt nor my confidence in life is lost. But for a second, it made me feel pity for myself. I know he didnt utter that with a bad intention. But it was a sure shocker for me. I mean, I really want to know. Given a good hardwork in the next 38 odd days, is it possible for me to pass the exam? Dont knw. But I felt, I should know if its really possible? Or Impossible? Kindly reply, so that I could gather some courage. Thanks in advance guys! Good luck for ur exams!