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02 February 2012  

90 Above Notes- One click Download links, 100% Working. By IPCC CLUB

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Advanced Accounting

Accounts Notes - IPCC/PCC - https://bit.ly/rs1ipcc  

THEORY QUESTIONS IN PCC/IPCC ACCOUNTS - https://bit.ly/rs2ipcc  

Investment Accounts-IPCC/ATC- https://bit.ly/rs3ipcc  

Branch Account (PCC/IPCC) - https://bit.ly/rs4ipcc  

PCC Advanced Accounting- https://bit.ly/rs5ipcc  

NATURE OF ACCOUNTS (as per Traditional & Modern Approach)- https://bit.ly/rs6ipcc  

Company Accounts- https://bit.ly/rs7ipcc  

Partnership Accounts- https://bit.ly/rs8ipcc  

Accounts Theory- https://bit.ly/rs9ipcc  

Accounts Notes- https://bit.ly/rs10ipcc  

Cash flow, Fund flow statements notes- https://bit.ly/rs11ipcc  

Insurance Claims- https://bit.ly/rs12ipcc  

Amalgamation and reconstruction notes - https://bit.ly/rs13ipcc  

Files of Accounting Standards - https://bit.ly/rs14ipcc

Business Laws, Ethics and Communication

IPCC BC, Law & Ethics made easy in 21 pages- https://bit.ly/rs15ipcc  

Ethics and Communication- https://bit.ly/rs16ipcc  

Notes For Business Ethics and Comm- https://bit.ly/rs17ipcc  

Download : PCC Paper 3 Law, Ethics & Communication- https://bit.ly/rs18ipcc  

The Way To Crack The LAW-  https://bit.ly/rs19ipcc  

Law ethics and communication- https://bit.ly/rs20ipcc

Law- https://bit.ly/rs21ipcc  

Important notes business ethics- https://bit.ly/rs22ipcc  

Communication skills - https://bit.ly/rs23ipcc  

Business law notes- https://bit.ly/rs24ipcc  

LAW NOTES PCC/IPCC FOR EXEMPTION- https://bit.ly/rs25ipcc  

Company Law notes_My Best File On Internet-  https://bit.ly/rs26ipcc  

Companies ACT 1956 LIST: https://bit.ly/CMP_SL  

List of sections (1-75) of Indian Contract Act [.xls] https://bit.ly/CNRT_SL  

Negotiable practicle questions by master minds https://bit.ly/ngtblact  

Negotiable Instruments Act Case Law - https://bit.ly/ngactcslw  

Payment of gratuity act(Easy to understand & learn)- https://bit.ly/pogact  

Whole Company Law- https://bit.ly/dU6aYQ 

Super Summary: THE PAYMENT OF BONUS ACT, 1965: https://bit.ly/fNRj5z 

List of Sections in Service Tax: https://bit.ly/Srvtaxlist  

Income Tax Act Sections List with Chapter Headings: https://bit.ly/IT_sec_list  

Sale of Goods act sections: https://bit.ly/sogact

Cost Accounting and Financial Management

Theory of Cost Accounting- https://bit.ly/rs27ipcc  

IPCC Cost Accounting- https://bit.ly/rs28ipcc  

IPCC Financial Accounting- https://bit.ly/rs29ipcc  

Reconciliation of Cost & Financial Accounts- https://bit.ly/rs30ipcc  

Costing IPCC--Best files shared on Internet- https://bit.ly/rs31ipcc  

COSTING NOTES : IPCC/PCC - https://bit.ly/rs32ipcc   

Costing Formula (IMP):- https://bit.ly/rs34ipcc  

COSITNG FM IMPORTANT FILE: https://bit.ly/hCtmb0 

Basic of cost accounting: https://bit.ly/g2523P 

Standard costing:  https://bit.ly/rs35ipcc  

Marginal Costing for PCC/IPCC: https://bit.ly/rs36ipcc

COSTING FORMULAS: https://bit.ly/fUhaHo 

PCC - Cost Accounting (Formulae & Theory): https://bit.ly/gmPjrk 

Financial management notes-IPCC/PCC: https://bit.ly/rs37ipcc  

FM notes: https://bit.ly/rs38ipcc  

Contract costing: https://bit.ly/rs39ipcc  

Overheads: https://bit.ly/rs40ipcc  

Budgetary Controls: https://bit.ly/rs41ipcc  

Leverage- https://bit.ly/rs42ipcc  

Files on Capital Budgeting- https://bit.ly/rs43ipcc


IPCC Income tax -fast track- https://bit.ly/rs44ipcc  

Service tax and vat notes- https://bit.ly/rs45ipcc  

Amendments for May'11 IPCE/PCE- https://bit.ly/rs46ipcc  

Full income tax for ipcc/pcc- https://bit.ly/rs47ipcc  

Deduction Summary AY 2011-12 - https://bit.ly/rs48ipcc  

TAXATION NOTES- https://bit.ly/rs49ipcc

Service tax (covered all concepts)- https://bit.ly/rs50ipcc  

Vat Super short Notes: https://bit.ly/hOV3iP

Service Tax and Vat, Super summary Notes, Its Like Ocean in a Glass, Must Download - https://bit.ly/fFCxER

Service tax and Vat notes for IPCC by CA NRS Chennai- https://bit.ly/rs51ipcc  

25 Important Case Study - CA Final - May 2011 - Indirect Taxes - https://bit.ly/g6gHKk

TAX LAW NOTES (A to Z) for PCC/ IPCC - https://bit.ly/rs52ipcc  


Tips to Prepare for DIRECT TAX (PCC IPCC, CA Final & CS)- https://bit.ly/rs54ipcc

AUDITING and Assurance

Audit Practical Questions for IPCC: https://bit.ly/gRHbeY

Info: 200+ exclusive practical questions with authentic answers and also given self examination questions (by CS Ankur Garg)