Intenet Banking - Unpresented Cheques

K V Subba Rao (Service) (2708 Points)

06 November 2007  

These days considerable number of individuals are used to do internet banking. At the time of making payments On-line, an Account-holder should obviously remember total amount for which he already issued Cheques.

By overlooking the aspect of having already issued Cheques inadvertently, if any Account-holder transfers out "available balance" On-line, it could lead to unintended dishonour of Cheques already issued with all attendent problems following.

So I opine that it will go a long way in helping the Customers, if Banks could make arrangements to provide blank space, say,  in the form of a small box on the screen in which the Account-holder could make his notes in his own way. This will help the Customer to take note of Unpresented Cheques while net-banking.

This would go a long way in preventing any risk of ignoring Cheques already issued. This facility is more felt in case of individuals who may not be inclined to record details of all Cheques issued. 

Do you agree ?