Income Tax through Epay in IT Portal

chandar R ( ) (213 Points)

18 March 2023  

I tried to pay Rs. 5000/-  Advance Tax through Epay in the portal but it got stuck when being paid in Net Banking due to slow process and no amount was debited from my bank account. I tried 3 times and each time a new CRN Number is created. I am getting a message for each transaction that this number is valid till 31/3/23 and make tax remittance with in this date so that CRN does not expire. Can you explain what is this expiry and advise how to pay?

But in the portal It shows payment initiated and Epay is disabled and I am unable to pay and if I try NEW PAYMENT then a new CRN is created. CPC also sent email saying recreate challan and pay if not yet paid).

As no debit is made, should I leave it to lapse till 31/3/23 and pay in April?