Income tax return revised


26 November 2021  
The matter is first I do the return as per the information but by mistakely I did a wrong calculation in the capital gain part (Long term 112A) after that a refund was arise about Rs 1750 which was the amount of TDS deducted. And second day I was revised and Portal show the tax liability is 2060 in this amount I was already paid the TDS amount before Rs 1750 and then I will paid only the rest of amount which is 310. After the return filed the previous return filed refund amount will come to my account the amount of 1750+ Int 90.
I did again a mistake in the part of capital gain that is I show in the 112A section but the gain will arise from 112(1) . Because of this the rebate u/s 87 was not avail in the 2nd revised return. Now my question is can I do the return revised again and show that the 1750+int 90 was received that means TDS pay show zero and self assessments tax which 310 which was for refund claim .