Income tax Refund

CA Tilak Raj Sharma (Practising CA in Solan (H.P.))   (6374 Points)

13 December 2008  
Dear All,  

The Income Tax Department has put on its website the list of income tax refunds of all salary tax payers which could not be sent to the concerned persons for want of correct address.

Salary taxpayers who have not received refunds for assessment years 2003\04 to 2006\07 can click on the link below and query using the PAN number and assessment year whether any refund due to them has been returned undelivered from the menu `undelivered salary refund management system'. If any refund has been returned undelivered due to change in address, then the taxpayer can enter the present address and the refund will be sent to the taxpayer at the new address.

The link to the website is as under:
https://www.incometa in/CCIT/refundse arch.asp  
Pass this to your friends - this could be of great help / use to them.