Income tax on sale of agri produce

vaibhav (student) (220 Points)

16 February 2017  
Dear Experts, I am dealing in a business where i buy maze from local farmers in our town & I sell them to agency located near to our village. My yearly turnover is more than 1 Cr. But if we look into the substance I hardly earn 4-5 Lakh. P.A. So my querry is how should I disclose my income in ITR? Does my business fit into the definition of Kaccha Arthiya? For FY 14-15 & 15-16 I have not at all maintained any books of account neither i have credits into my bank account ( Pure cash transactions). for FY 16-17 (Post demonitisation) i have started maintaining books of account. Kindly guide me to file my IT Returns.