Income tax demand outstanding



I have recieved a mail mentioning "Reminder -I for Income Tax demand outstanding" for AY2008-09.

When I called IT customer care the guy told me that my TDS credit is not reflected in there system and I need to contact Bangalore office in person.

When I checked 26AS it shows payments done correctly. Secondly I am not residing in Bangalore any more and going in-person is not an option right now.

Please help me and let me know, what action I can take. Is there any email address/phone which I can contact.

I tried to call Income Tax Bangalore PR) number 22868044 which they dont pick up.


Thanks in advance

Wealth Manager

You can file rectification u/s 154 mentioning the TDS credit not reflecting in their assessment and requesting rectify their records and cancel the demand of IT outstanding.


Hi Experts,

This is Raj.  I have received an email from intimations @ [ intimations @] that I need to pay tax of around 20K for the assessment year 2009-10.  I have below questions.

1) How can I find out what calculation they have used to find out that I have not paid some tax amount.

2) Within how many days I need to pay this.

3) It is mentioned in the mail that, I need to pay 1% interest for every month. Is that 20K is inclusive of that 1% interest or I need to calculate that separately and pay.

4) If I need to calculate and pay the interest, do I need to calculate from Apr 2009 to Apr 2011 (25 months & pay 25% of 20K i.e. 5K and in total I need to pay 25K?

Kindly advise.

Tax & Finance Consultant

Dear Raj,

First of all you need to find your A.Y. 2009-10 IT Return copy from where you can know Its payable or paid

now go to you queries

1, IT dept. knows everything about Efiling returns & IT Paid advance/TDS/TCS/self assessment tax bcz all are connect to PAN so where pan used they know everything

2. they have intimate to pay, but after confirmation from your side you need to pay asap.

3. 1% interest is apply if you tax liability avaiable. you tax & interest upto to the intimation date but first confirm your tax amount from IT return.

4. they always calculate interest/penalty before sending intimation but you need to read carefully your intimation in which you can find both you and it dept. calculation.


if you find anything else then raised your query again


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Dear Murtaza,

Thank you so much for the reply.

I have not received any calculation details when I received the intimation.  When I posted the request through IT website, helpdesk informed me that they will take around 15 days to send the calculation excel.  Is there any other place I can get this information quickly?

All my taxes are deducted and paid by my company itself.  I have FDs and banks deduct the TDS for that also. Not sure, how & why this additional tax request has come.

BTW, in that letter it is mentioned that "1.Non payment of tax demand attracts, penalty and prosecution as per the provisions of the Income tax Act,1961 along with proceedings for recovery listed in Chapter XVII-D of the Income-tax Act, 1961.".  I have received this intimate mail 7 days before.  I want to abide to the rules & but receiving the calculation excel is going to take minimum another 15 days hence if I am liable to pay then paying would be taking additonal time, would there be any impact to me due to the delay in payment?

Advance Thanks.

Tax & Finance Consultant

Dear Raj,

Please tell me about your Income & TDS deduction which you company has deducted afterthan I will inform you about why Dept. intimate for demand.

There are many thing for demand outstanding so write here to clarify the issue.


Every Problem has their solution so don't need to worry but you have to raised every thing which was affected to demand outstanding.



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Dear Murtaza,

Thanks for your reply. As per my Form16 my total taxable income was 2.55 Lakhs.  Tax paid by my company was 10.8K.  For the interest in Bank Account banks have paid 12.3 K as the TDS automatically.

Thanks and Regards,

Rajakumar K.R.

Tax & Finance Consultant


as per your company

Rs. 2,55,000/- Net Taxable Income

Exemption for the Year 2009-2010 Rs. 1,60,000/-

So Tax need to be calculate on Excess Rs. 95,000/-

10% Slab = 9,500/-

Add. Edu. Cess 3% 285/-

Total is Rs. 9785/- (you company has deducted TDS on 105000/-)

Add. your other source income Rs. 12300 ( consider as gross credited interest)

Rs. 255000+ 12300 = 267300

Tax on 267300-160000 = 107300 *10% = 10730 + 3% Edu. Cess 322 =Rs. 11052/- is your F.Y. 2009-2010 Total Tax

Now question is

1, How much you have shown you taxability in IT return

2. I think problem should be in TDS return also

3. Advance tax also need to calculate if  tax is more than Rs. 10,000/- thats why sec 234B,C also affected the taxability and because of that intimation has come.

please wait for excel file

if you have ITR copy then please check how much tax was shown as tax payble and in tds column

every corner has to be verify to solve your query




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