Important Questions To Ask Yourself Each Day

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114109 Points)

26 June 2010  

Important Questions To Ask Yourself Each Day

Today, can you say that you were nice to everyone you came in contact with, and if they were not nice to you, that you humbled yourself long enough to let it go and not form a resentment??

Can you tell yourself that your heart and soul were filled with positive thoughts and the negative one's just bounced off?

Can you remember if you exhibited an act of kindness towards another person through out the course of your day?

Did you give more of yourself to people who needed you without wanting anything in return?

Did you go home to your family today and tell them you love them more than anything and thank them for being in your life??

Instead of seeing the mistakes people made today, did you tell them it was ok and offer a solution to fix it?

Did you reach out and touch someone's heart today, and fill it with hope for their future?

Did you say hello to a perfect stranger today to brighten their day, or just look someone in the eye today and smile at them for no reason, other than to make them feel good??

Can you rest your head on your pillow tonight and say that you did the very best at everything you did today?

If not, when you wake in the morning, you will have that opportunity all over again.

Remember what life is all about...It is about kindness to others and the people we love.

Tomorrow, reach out your hand and your heart to someone in need and make that person's life, that much better.....

Make every tomorrow a better day than today!!!