If its 26% its horrible how it benfits common people

Mahesh Bysani (46 Points)

19 October 2016  
Sir If its 26% see this simple calculation how it burdens common people @ present its 12.5% excise duty + 14.5% vat for example for rs 100/- :12.5+14.5=27/- but our input is 14.5/- Suppose our sale price is 200+vat 14.5%=28/- is our out put 14.5/- again we r going to pay to govt Total vat+ excise duty paid for 200/- is 14.5+27=41.5/- In gst if its 26% for 100 input gst is 26/- Out put is 52/-for 200/- Again we r going to pay 26/- to govt, i.e 52/-gst total we pay for govt for rs :200/- Comparison between gst & vat: 52-41.5=10.5/-more burdens for common people for rs:200/-,now govt is looking to put cess & gst again, its horrible & it reflects inflation also In vat we pay only vat in multiple levels, but in gst we pay excise duty + vat in multiple levels