C.A Manish Arya (C.A, M.B.A) (408 Points)

16 May 2011  

ICAI's top placement(Domestic) in  March 2011 placement Drive   happened to be Rs.13.92  Lacs p.a (Source-Students Newsletter  May'11) On the While IIM-Ahemadabad 's least placement for a  least popular degree called  Food Tech. happened to be 12 Lacs p.a....Now we know what is the differenece between a top Charetered Accountant and Food tech graduate....  What these Co. are looking for which they see in Post graduate of IIM's But  not in ICAI's candidates....Is that something Fishy about it...! Some Conspiracy etc....

Give ur Views  and Do u really think Products of IIM's are really superior than fresh qualified Chartered Accountants ?