Icai revenues worth 153 crore

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24 August 2014  

The government  said last fiscal revenues worth over Rs 153 crore were available with the regional councils of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), and councils of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India had about Rs 40 crore.

These amounts are provisional figures for 2013-14, according to the data provided to the Rajya Sabha by Minister of Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley.

While five regional councils have been constituted by the ICAI, four such councils have been established by Institute of Cost Accountants, Jaitley said.

ICAI's council in the Southern region had revenues (provisional) worth Rs 45.94 crore available, Western region (Rs 42.99 crore), Central region (31.83 crore), Northern region (22.41 crore) and Eastern Region (Rs 10.45 crore).

Together, these councils have Rs 153.63 crore of revenues available with them.

In the case of Institute of Cost Accountants, its council in Southern region had revenues of Rs 14.43 crore, Western region (Rs 12 crore), Eastern region (Rs 7.42 crore) and Northern region (Rs 6.04 crore) -- amounting to a total of Rs 39.9 crore.

Both institutions are "self-governing institutions constituted under the acts of Parliament," Jaitley said.

"The central government does not have any control over the functioning of regional centres and chapters of the institutions," the Minister added.