I need your valuable advice please please

Gowda (Student) (51 Points)

24 August 2011  

          Hello my dear frnds,  I thought, I had one & only support  from my CA Club frnds  and eagerly waiting  for your response,  but it was wrong. no one replied me..:((

          So again I put my worries infront of u. I believe this time difinitely  you help me to get out of my worries.

           Though I hav so many problems, I’m ready to put my heart and sole to become CA provided if I come out of my guiltyness/worries.

           I may take up self practice after CA but I need your  suggestion in Employment point of view….

          I’m  Gowda  from Bangalore. Now I’m in big trouble  and  have some doubts regarding CA course. So please let me advice.

      Actually I’m coming from agriculturist family.  I completed  B.com  in 2006 and  initially  registered  with  CA PEII Course  after  my  graduation.

      I  got  eligibility  to  write  exam  in 2007 may, but  I don’t know what happened to me or my fate I never  take up exam till 2010 may.  Meanwhile I had joined a middle scaled CA firm as a paid assistant in 2007 march (not article ship) and worked till 2010 april. While working I realized the reputation of the CA & decided I should also become a reputed Chartered Accountant.

      Finally I made up a mind and left the office with around 3+ yrs.’ of experience, joined coaching classes & started preparing for my first IPCC attempt in May 2010. Initially everything was going good, but when the exams are nearby I started feel guilty, because I wasted 3 years of time without writing exam and I was 25 year old.  When ever I opened books it comes in my mind, I wasted time; I wasted time…..  and it never allow me to concentrate on studies,  because  I will be lag of 3 years compared to others provided if we assume that normal age to become CA is 26 years.  As a result of all these even though I paid fee for exam I couldn’t write last 3 attempts.

       The main problem is, now I just entered into 26 years of Age. When I become CA I’ll be 29+ yrs.’ old. All my friends even my family members started teasing me. I’m highly depressed. They are all advising me to quit CA, but I never ever can not.

        At the same time I’m very proud of myself because god has given me very strong mind and thick skin. I never accept defeat. I should prove myself by securing very good marks in CA, so that the people who laughed at me should bend their neck in front of me, they should ashamed of themselves.

       I knew the 2 magical letters  “CA” has the capacity to change my entire life style and take me to the great heights in the society.



1.      Qualify CA @ the age of 29 or 30, is it ok??

2.      Newly qualified CA who is of 27-30 year old will get the same reputation as compared to CA @ the

          Age of 25/26??

3.       Will we get the good employment with reputed companies with good package @ that age also??


     If I come out or get rid of above aspects definitely I’ll be qualified as CA within 30 years of my age with good knowledge and marks.  So please please clarify my doubts/ myths whatever you call and Guide me further….

    If I get  the sound  knowdge  age is not at all matters..:) is it right??

    Because I’ve lost so many things in my life including parents love. Now I have to get the better  than best  in my life  in all areas by getthrough CA.. if I do this, will i?? 

  Finally, if I wrote something nonsense or irrelevant I’m extremely sorry and thankful to you for giving me your precious time. 

            I’m eagerly waiting for your valuable words..