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I need tips to earn 3000/- from 100000/- help all gurus

Suvo (Student CA Final ) (104 Points)

14 December 2014  

Hello Friends !

Today I am going to ask a very serious and important quetion..

I think it to be one of the best question ever asked  in this forum bcause it will not only help me but also all other normal people who wants to earn some extra money from there savings they have made till now ..

I am working in a company . i stay out of home for 13 hours for 5 day in a week and i have leave on weekends. Till now I have saved Rs 100000/-..

Now I want to do something with this amount so that i can earn around 3000/- (minimum) per month out of it or 36000/- at the year end. How can i do this?? 

please give me some valuable idea by which i can earn 3000/- per month.. I have one more side income , i.e I provide videos and notes of all  sap modules at very reasonable price all over india and abroad. i have a profile in facebook of it named sap bachelors lab.


I have few ideas which  i would like to share with you all !!

1- buy shares, but its not at all confirmed that I will make profit out of it, its good only when market is up, for an example now sens*x is going down, i already invest in share, i need some other idea with which i can earn fixed income 

2- buying mutual funds - even these are subject to market risk then what else can i do, i am ready to devote 1 hour to 2 hour per day .. 

waiting for some smart answer from well experinced and talented members

Thanks in advance



 7 Replies

CA Raj Doshi (Practising CA) (5487 Points)
Replied 15 December 2014

The return of investment which you require in your case is 3% p.m or 36% p.a. The current market situation does not provide for such return on investment. The current rate is 1% p.m or 1.5% p.m OR 12% p.a or 18 % p.a. Thus, If you want to earn 3000 p.m , you will have to invest Rs. 300000 at the start assuming rate of interest at 1% p.m . Your income will accrue periodically but the ultimate cash shall be received only at the end of the year or at the end of the maturity period. Investment avenues include Loan to Pvt Ltd Companies, Fixed deposit [Max interest 10 % p.a ].

CA Raj Doshi (Practising CA) (5487 Points)
Replied 15 December 2014

Other option is if you have skills then you can earn income by providing services. The return on investment can be as high as 40%. However depends on cost cutting , time involved and availability, client base, and fees charged.

Eswar Reddy S (CFO- at NHTF) (3939 Points)
Replied 16 December 2014

Give a loan to known persons or companies who requires urgent money for interest at higher rates.

Suvo (Student CA Final ) (104 Points)
Replied 16 December 2014

!st of all what kind of service are you talking about ??

2nd i am not only talking about investment, i am talking about any kind of idea by which i can earn 3000 pm , the idea can be of a small business which i can run while doing work, now the question is running a business at just 100000 is impossible, \that was an exapmle, i need one good idea ,,,of any kind 

CA Raj Doshi (Practising CA) (5487 Points)
Replied 16 December 2014

Service like developing a software, Side income of accounts writing, - All these services .

CA Raj Doshi (Practising CA) (5487 Points)
Replied 16 December 2014

Sandwich wala - Different types of sanwhiches - Assuming Gross Receipts of Rs. 4000 per day and month of 25 days. so total receipts is rs.100000. And you will earn 3000 p.m for sure if your dish tastes good. minimum investment., higher returns.

Namit chhabra (CA-Final) (141 Points)
Replied 13 February 2016

Don't underestimate the market if it's going down bro. You know, when other people see only loss and are wary in investing in falling markets, the stock brokers are making huge investments as they're getting the same scrips in fraction of their original prices. True that the investing in shares is a risky deal today, but you are not seeing the hidden opportunity.

The companies which are regular in posting profits and declaring dividends also get a hit when markets fall. When 2008 financial crisis happened, some companies still declared dividends and their scrip prices were unaffected. You have to find out such bluechip companies. In respect of mutual funds, the pharma sector has been doing good lately.

Now you got money to invest, so you should take advantage that a share which you might have bought for Rs.150 in bullish market, will be available today at Rs.60 or lower because of market crashing.

If you are not rigid on just earning Rs.3000 a month fixed, then you can invest some time in stock markets and buy some good scrips at cheap prices and reap even more than just 3k, only in long term when the markets will boom.



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