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08 July 2009  


I am in Final (2010 nov attempt)  and dont want to attend any coaching classes.


Reason being that it takes me 3 hours in commute only, plus 4-5 hours of class, this amounts to around 8 hours plus fatigue (as i use bus to travel, dont have the luxury of airconditioned car).


Although I am attending costing classes, but i dont want to attend it either as it gets very hactic for me,

Waking up at 4, making my breakfast, then going to bus stand at exact 5:30, classes start at 6:30,( teacher is always late 20 minutes in his skoda, its so fu****g irritating, he has no respect for time) ends at 10:30, then office(no prob here, its a small firm- not much work load)

All in all 8 hours for one class. 



But I am not talking about the "pain part", but  "waistage of time and energy'.


My question to you is it practically possible to do all the subjects by self-study.

Also please suggest the books for it.


P.S.--- I am fully 1001% convinced that their is no need for coaching of MICS, LAW, AUDIT. so please talk about other subjects only.

I read Vidyashankar's article on coaching.he also says that coaching's not necessary for these 3, but is he in favour of coaching for other 5 subjects.

Thank You