I am in pain ...

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18 July 2011  

I am in pain …..


There was a person who used to curse God all the time…why God gives him so much pain. Why just me??

 One day God came to him and asked …what happen ? Why you curse me all the time ;(?

The man asked the God to take away all his pain. In  response God said “ok , Do one thing ,,,,, put all your grief in a bag and I will take that from you”

The next day the man does the same. He handed over his bag of grief and sorrow to God. God asked him to come tomorrow again.

He came next day to meet god. God asked him to go to one place. That place was full of bags all over. Then God asked him to choose the lightest bag for him and that will be part of sorrows he will get in his life.

The person was really happy. As now he can choose his pains according to his own wish. He went to and fro. And finally he lifted his own bag. He tells God about his choice. Then God replied it’s the same old bag which u gave me yesterday.

The person now understood. That there are many more persons in this world, who are suffering a lot more than him .

On that day he realized that he is having those grief which he can tolerate.