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01 April 2023  

What is the Cloud Platforms Overview?

Infrastructure, including scalable storage, networking, server, mobile development, and cybersecurity solutions, are currently dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of its main competitors, Microsoft Azure, offers some of the most scalable and effective software solutions. High-end big data analytics solutions are available through Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which also makes it simple to connect to other vendor products.

Outperforming the disruptive shift away from internal servers and computing resources towards the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions, certified cloud computing specialists are in high demand. See how the three might influence your IT job path below.

While there are a number of smaller cloud service providers that may prove a good fit for your organization, the current cloud service world is overwhelmingly dominated by a few large vendors primed for public cloud adoption.

In fact, the three most prominent cloud vendors are almost unanimous across the board, no matter who you ask. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform have quickly become household names in the fifteen-plus years since AWS’ inception in 2006.

While the AWS platform remains the clear leader in maturity, breadth, and revenue, Azure and Google Cloud each continue to grow by as much as 49% year over year, further increasing their influence over the cloud computing sector. However similar these platforms are in market dominance, they each offer different resources when it comes to computing, networking, and storage options.

When you are searching for the best cloud computing platforms for your organization, either for a cloud migration strategy, or a cloud-native development project, it’s important not to lose sight of your goals, your expected growth, and your budget. This side-by-side comparison of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud can help you fit the correct vendor to your needs, instead of the other way around.