How to sell a bequeathed property

Rajendra Prasad (CEO) (23 Points)

31 March 2023  

Hello Friends

I have a property in West Delhi that I bequethed from my father.  The piece of land (plot) was purchased by my father in early seveties and he constructed a house to live there. Later, he erected two more floors on the same house and bequeathed each floor to three of his children and I am one of them.  The plot was converted to free hold and his Will is duly registered

My father has since died 4 years ago and my mother also passed away before him. We  now have got each floor mutated by MCD in our individual names and are are responsible of paying property and other taxes as due.  Some of us are now keen to sell our share of property.

I need advice as to how we can sell our share of property.  Do we need to carry out any legal formalities before entering into a sale/purchase agreement. so that the buyer can get the property registered in his name.

Do we necessarily need to get the Will probabted by the court before hand?  If yes, what is the procedure, cost and time required to get the Will probabted? Do we also need to get our share of properties registered in our own names before getting the same transferred in the name of buyer.? There is no dispute between the heir siblings.

Kindly advise.

Rajendra Prasad