How to register for PF for Company registered after 15.02.2020

Tirumalesh (Chartered Accountant) (34 Points)

20 May 2021  


I have registered a pvt ltd company on 24.02.2020 and not opted for PF, ESI, GST registration at the time of company incorporation, since opting for those registrations is optional at that time in AGILE form.

Now I wanted to register for PF for my company but shramsuvidha portal is throwing an error message that companies registered after 15/02/20 are not allowed to register of PF from this portal and they need to get registered from MCA portal only at the time of incorporation.

I understand the problem is because they made it optional for PF and ESI registration in the begining phases of introduction of AGILE form and later now they made it mandatory to opt for PF and ESI, but for the companies registered at the time when it is optional, now facing issue with getting PF registration.

Can anyone let me know if you are facing similar issue and got it resolved. 

Please let me know how can I register for PF now if shramsuvidha portal is not allowing and there is no option for getting PF registration through MCA post incorporation.